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Hello world!

Posted by manicstamper on March 7, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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Two Challenges In One!!!

Posted by manicstamper on March 6, 2008

Due to a lack of time I have had to make this card to cover two challenges. First the ‘dare’ over at DARING CARDMAKERS for which we had to use hand sewing in our design. I wanted something a little chunkier than the normal sewing threads which is all I have at the moment so I split a length of parcel string and used that for the stem and flower detail. I couldn’t find a needle that would take the string but not leave great big holes so I have used a pokey tool to push the thread in and out of the holes and then for the flower I have punched holes as part of the design.
The TANDA TEASER this week set by Wendy is to make a Get Well card so I have added a stamped sentiment.
Paper is Fleur De Terre by Around The Block. I am shocked that I have used this double sided sheet of utter scrumptiousness as I only bought it today. The card mat is one side of the paper and the scalloped layer of the flower is the other.
Sentiment stamp-unknown.

I have a day off tomorrow so I am going to have to clean this workroom. Without a word of a lie an elephant could lose itself in all the stuff I have lying about. It’s just me being a very untidy crafter at the minute……worse than usual. Good job I don’t want to use Jimminy Cricut as he is buried under the most humungous pile of of stuff.
DD has offered to cook tomorrow so this may be the last post I ever make on my blog…….lol!!! Bless her………she’s not that interested in cooking but she is really making an effort to learn just lately and tomorrow she will be attempting a homemade soup and homemade bread……….well a packet done in the breadmaker but something she hasn’t tried yet. You may be forgiven for thinking that she is a little girl but no she is 28 years old…!!! She has never been very domesticated but since I went through a bad patch with my health she has been amazing. I love her to bits and just don’t know what I did to deserve her.
Anyway I think I might start a bit of this tidying now before I do anything else.
Thanks for dropping by.

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Daring Cardmakers-I Am Woman!!!

Posted by manicstamper on March 4, 2008

Hi there
Sorry the blog has been neglected for a couple of days. I have been trying to catch up with some jobs and make some stock for the local shop plus I have been at work the last couple of days. I have a day off tomorrow so I have been able to take a couple of hours or so for myself and have a play with the DCM dare from last Friday….I Am Woman. These two cards are a tad late for Mother’s Day so I have made them as just everyday cards.
I’ve used the same image on both cards with the same paper and ribbon and just used slightly different embellishments on each one.
For the top card I have done a Sanded Chalks background and then overstamped in the same chalk ink using a flourish stamp by Fancy Pants.
The bottom card unfortunately has quite a few peeloffs on it as I wanted to use them up but these are quite nice ones by Magenta in a lovely soft coppery colour. The flowers are some Prima hydrangeas which I just bought in cream a couple of years ago and haven’t used much. Here I have used a tip I saw on Splitcoast Stampers (for colouring ribbon) to colour the flowers. I used Posh Rainbow metallic ink which I watered down in a plastic container and dipped the flowers into. I dried them with a heat gun and they retained their shape beautifully. The patchy bits are where the metallic pigments ran onto the fronts of the flowers as I dipped them and it gives the most gorgeous aged effect.
I will have a go at the Little Extra tomorrow if I have time. I have rashly offered to cook tomorrow to give hubby a day off………when will I learn to keep my mouth shut…!!!
Oooooh it’s only just after midnight so I think I will play a bit longer seeing as I don’t have to be up in the morning…….yay!!!
Bye for now

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Tanda Teaser-All Of A Piece!!!

Posted by manicstamper on February 27, 2008

Here is the card I have made for the latest Tanda Teaser challenge.
Visit HERE to get the brief if you would like to take part in the challenge.
Leave your name in comments and a link to where we can see your card and we will all come and admire your work.
Thanks for looking.

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Just Chat!!!

Posted by manicstamper on February 27, 2008

Thank you all so much for your good wishes. I’m still feeling pretty horrible although I did manage to go in to work today and do the class that was booked. Once home though Roz still had her bossy head on and has made me lie on the sofa most of the night. She’s gone to bed now though so I have snuck into my workroom to get a card done for this weeks Tanda Teaser which I have to post in the morning. I have Wednesday off so I shall rest a bit more tomorrow. It’s not that I feel ill to be honest. My ears feel blocked and I am just having trouble with my balance which is making me feel sick and I keep bumping into things. I hate putting drops in my ears….which I am having to do… feels sooooo disgusting.
An hour or so ago I thought I was going mad. I was sat at the other computer and my chair started shaking and there was a loud noise. I think we have had an earthquake as hubby came down and said that all the cupboard doors upstairs were rattling. It’s not the first time we have had one here in the Midlands.

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An Apology.

Posted by manicstamper on February 26, 2008

This is Sheila’s DD.
I am just posting to say that Mum hasn’t been well since she got in from work and I have made her take a night off from her cardmaking and have a rest. Nothing serious she just has a problem with her ears at the moment which is affecting her balance and making her feel nauseous. She has started treatment which should soon sort it out.
I haven’t a clue how to do this raffle so could you bear with her and she will do the draw for the Celtic stamps tomorrow.
Thank you
R. Oliver

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Daring Carmakers-Plastic Fantastic!!!

Posted by manicstamper on February 22, 2008

I did curse when I saw the dare for this week over at Daring Cardmakers. All of the stuff I could have used had been collected about half an hour before the dare was posted. So all that was in the bag we keep in the kitchen was a small plastic bag from some embellishments I had opened last night.
It’s taken me all day to figure out what to do with it and this is what I ended up with.
Ages ago I saw a technique somewhere where you use hair gel inside a plastic bag and then add glitter and stuff…… hair gel so I used some waterless hand cleaner that is like a gel. Added a mix of glitter, micro beads and tiny confetti stars and swooshed it about a bit.
The frame was stamped and chalked then embellished with silver stars and a couple of silver blocks made from mirror card bashed with a steak hammer……an idea picked up from a Suze Weinburg video on You Tube.
Black outlines are peeloffs and the star borders are done with a Fiskars plier punch.
Quite happy with the outcome as it is very different to some of my earlier ideas for this dare.
If you have never joined in with the dares you really should have a go…….it is such fun and really makes you think.
Thanks for looking.

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Tanda Teaser-Toybox Treasures!!!

Posted by manicstamper on February 20, 2008

Well Wendy very nearly had me stumped with the latest Tanda Teaser. I don’t really do childrens cards so don’t have any child related bits and pieces apart from new born stuff………and you know how much I love doing baby cards………not!!!
Then I thought……well it doesn’t have to be for a very small child and the old cogs started making a funny grinding noise and off I went.
So this card is in the style of an old boxed game. I did the frame and the writing on the computer, cut it out, screwed it up, chalked it, then chalked it some more, spritzed it with walnut ink and then ironed it and stamped the medieval image which is by TandaStamps.
I added a thumb print as it is a boys’ toy……..we all know what mucky pups they are…!!! Also added a fun touch with some banter written in a childs handwriting.
Took me all of 20 minutes to make once I had the idea.
Thanks for looking.

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Daring Cardmakers Little Extra-Oh Sooo Juicy!!!

Posted by manicstamper on February 20, 2008

The Little Extra Dare at DCM this week is called Oh Sooo Juicy and we have to use lemon and orange on our designs………the two colours I dislike most of all….lol!!!
Still I soldiered on like a good old daree… such word I know……and here is my effort.
I expect I will be put in the corner for this one as I cheated a teensy weensy bit by using an embellishment I had made some time ago.
The flower on the chipboard circle is stamped over a background of fluid chalk inks and embellished with a white gel pen then triple embossed. I added the brad today.
I doodled the stems and added small brads to look like buds.
Finished off with a MM rub on on a scallop punched oval, a couple more brads and a quick doodle round the scallops.
I shall have to look at everyone else’s later today as I am soooooo tired just now that I am falling asleep on the keyboard.
Night night

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So Lucky!!!

Posted by manicstamper on February 17, 2008

I have been so touched today to have been awarded not one but two blog awards.
Firstly Kim awarded me this fabulous Excellent award. I am going to pass it on but most of the blogs I visit already have it so I will award it as I visit new blogs…….now I have a little free time to browse a bit more.
Thank you so much Kim. Secondly Ann awarded me this You Make My Day award which made my day I can tell you.
Again I have the problem that most of the sites I visit already have it but it will be passed on as and when.
Thank you Ann.

I have spent a lot of time this weekend sorting out stamps for the raffle and also sorting through card samples which were threatening to bury me. Some of the samples I have cut about a bit and made new cards from and they are better than the originals….lol!!! I did have a quick play (as you will see in the post below) with the new Klimt style stamps from TandaStamps……and very scrummy they are too.
I would highly recommend them if you are looking for something a bit different.

Deb is off to the trade show at the NEC tomorrow. I usually go with her but I just couldn’t face it this year for some reason so I am going to be at the shop on my own and get stuff ready for the workshops we have this week.
Best go and make myself a sandwich to take with me and then get some shut eye.
Night Folks

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