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Oh no!!!! What have I done?

Posted by manicstamper on January 10, 2007

Well I never was any good at keeping a diary so let’s see how I do with this…..ha ha ha!!!

Funny old day today……I’m under pressure to create new designs for workshops and wouldn’t ya just know it……..mojo goes walk-about and didn’t leave a note to let me know when it would be back.
So guess I’ll just keep faffing about and tidying up until something strikes me.
Got reams and reams of paper I am dying to play with but not stuff that is stocked at the shop so can’t use that.
Here’s a card I made last night using some fab new stamps from a company called Tandastamps
Two sets of Retro Women so I am in heaven.This stamp reminded me of the cards that used to be on the counter in the clothes shop in our village when I was a little girl…….memories of pointy bras, pink rubber girdles and American Tan tights…..yuck!!!The number stamps are from a fab set I have by My Sentiments Exactly.
Oh well back to work.

4 Responses to “Oh no!!!! What have I done?”

  1. maggie said

    Hi Sheila welcome to blog land.Love the card i have never done any stamping before but think i might just start doing it this year but dont hold your breath he he

  2. Sue said

    ooo Sheila you are sppp clever

    I love that card…well actually everythibg you do

  3. Sarah said

    Welcome to Blogland Sheila! That card is lovely, you are soooo talented!

    Sarah x

  4. Jo said

    Hi Sheila… Gorgeous card, I love all the cards that you make… welcome to the land of blogs…

    jo xx

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