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Me versus Thomas the Tank Engine

Posted by manicstamper on January 11, 2007

What a flippin’ scary day it’s been today with this wind. I work in a mews which a collection of very old buildings that all used to belong to the village ironmonger. The buildings have now all been split into units, there is a really nice variety of small individual businesses and it’s a lovely place to work………… long as it’s a sunny day….no wind… rain………then everything is hunky dory. Today it has been like a wind tunnel with all the shops A boards flying about all over the place. So I went off out to go to the sandwich shop and nearly got topped by a flying Thomas the Tank Engine A board from the model shop……gawd me whole life flashed before me eyes. It missed me by millimetres. Scared the life out of me. Next windy day……..I’m taking packing up.
Very quiet at the shop today so I spent all day making card samples to fill the gaps on the walls where we have taken down older samples. Bit of a squeeze trying to stamp on a table full of sale goodies but hey ho……….got it done in the end and I was pleased with what I did.
Only two of us to cater for tonight so we had sausage and mash. Got all washed up and tidy and just as I put the last dish away DS came in and decided he wanted chips so had the deep fat fryer stinking the house out………..grrrrrrrrr!!! I hate that damn thing with a passion. So he left his pots and DH has just come in and had a snack and left all his pots. If you never hear from me again you will know that I have done the pair of them in. Thank gawd DS is going away for the weekend to see his GF in Manchester.
Anyway managed to get a couple of cards done tonight. I am going back to some of the earlier template challenges on Crafts By Carolyn and also using up paper pieces of 6×6 and less. So the two I got done were made with some pieces from a K&Co pack that DD got me for Christmas. The paper is lush so I need to see if I can get some more cos all I had was a couple of 6×6 pieces, a couple of 6×3 and four 3×3 so it’s all gone now. I made one card for the challenge which is the one with the four square background and the other one just sort of fell together all by itself.
Hope nobody has suffered too much damage from the wind or flooding.
Bye for now bloggers:-)


2 Responses to “Me versus Thomas the Tank Engine”

  1. Jo said

    Gosh! So glad you are ok, My little one loves Thomas but possibly not that up close and personal! Yummy cards (as usual :D) I have added your blog to mine, I hope this is ok…

    jo xx

  2. manicstamper said

    Thanks Jo. I am flattered that you added my blog to yours and I will return the compliment…..if I ever work out how to do it:-)

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