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Mumblings from the madhouse.

Posted by manicstamper on January 11, 2007

I live in a mad house. Four of us and everybody on a different shift so it’s a nightmare trying to feed everybody. Today I have had one on afternoon shift returning at midnight so needing feeding before going and on his return. One going off on a night shift needing feeding plus packing up and one at home who could eat a horse and go back for the saddle. Then little me who wasn’t really in an eating mood but hungry. My dream life would be for them all to be out of the house at 8am so I could get all my housewifey jobs out of the way and back in at 6pm all fed and watered at the same time, washing up done and a nice long evening of crafting……………fat chance of that coming true.
In between all the feeding, sending off and welcoming home I did manage to acheive some results with the workshop cards I was struggling with. Punches and peeloffs aren’t my usual ‘thing’ but I’m quite pleased with the results and I know the workshop ladies will love them. The scans are a bit pants as I have used an oyster pearlised card which looks really lovely in ‘real life’ but doesn’t scan too well. I am so in love with the paper I used on these cards. It’s from Paper Adventures by Karen Neuburger and it is printed onto pearlised paper. Some areas have been clear embossed which you can’t pick up on the scans. It would be a lovely paper to go with oriental designs.
Work tomorrow until 4pm and then I am going to come home and finish doing the rest of the dress punch cards and then I am going to play. I think first I will have a go at some more cards for the template challenge on Crafts by Carolyn. I have only just joined in at number 16 so I would like to go back to the beginning and try out some of the others. After that I really need to get messy with my rubber stamps as it seems ages since I had to be hosed off and scrubbed down with the yard brush.
So I had best go and catch some zzzzzzzzz’s if I am going to last the day without falling asleep. Night night:-)


3 Responses to “Mumblings from the madhouse.”

  1. Jo said

    wow! more gorgeous cards, your cards are always so fantastic and I am in awe of anyone who can stamp!

    Jo xx

  2. Alex said

    Sheila you little computer legend you! Good to see you are keeping the blog going, after all of 2 days! Lovely cards tho but I am shocked that you are using peeloffs? 😛

  3. Lythan said

    Wow! Who knew that peeloffs could look so good. That last one in particular is awesome

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