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Meeting myself coming back!!!

Posted by manicstamper on January 15, 2007

Yes and one of these days I am sure I will. Why do I always seem to be in a rush? I think I need to get one of those self help books about Time Management or whatever they call it cos I think I’m not doing it right.

Anyway big project is now done and ready to go……..only cos I sat up until 4am mind you……but it’s done so I can now concentrate on getting some cards done for the stand at the local Post Office which is looking very sad due to having spent the last 6 months making Christmas cards and teaching people how to make Christmas cards……..for someone who makes so many how come I end up sending mostly bought cards………it’s a mystery to me.

I am thinking of promoting DH to chief cook. He has looked after me so well this weekend and his Sunday lunch was ‘to die for’ even though he did brussel sprouts with lamb which I hate. Love the brussels…..just not with lamb.

I have made an appalling mess in my workroom this weekend so I’ll need to get that tidy before I can start anything. Can’t see a spare inch of workspace.

Once I do start I am really going to concentrate on using up some of this obscene amount of paper I have. It’s also looking like I am developing a fetish for ribbon so need to use some of that up too.

No new cards to share today so I thought I would let you see the other man in my life. His name is Smudge and he is a Patterdale terrier, very licky and loving and an absolute joy to us all. He loves chasing bubbles and growling at cats. The funniest thing he does is that when he is in the car, nice and safe…….he barks like mad at big dogs…..doesn’t bother if he sees a small dog but big dogs he goes mad at. If he meets a big dog when he’s out……he’s a wimp and rolls over for them. It’s almost like he is saying………..ha ha…you can’t get me…..I’m safe up here in my big car.

Well as the day is half over I suppose I ought to go and get something done. I think all I have done this morning is put a casserole together for tonight’s tea….whoopie doo……and yet I seem to have been rushing about like a headless chicken.

Tara for now then

One Response to “Meeting myself coming back!!!”

  1. Net said

    Well with no expense spared my own personal wellbeing I’ll nip down and relieve you of that disgusting amount of paper and ribbon you’ve got. Sheesh the things I do for friends….

    Net -x-

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