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Just about back on track!!!

Posted by manicstamper on February 1, 2007

It’s been a bit of a busy day today. Now that the monster has left the building I have been able to catch up on some urgent jobs such as finally finishing of the Valentine cards for the local shop. I really would have liked them to have been gone a week ago but with one thing or another they just didn’t get done.

I also found myself needing an afternoon nap….lol!!! Now that is something that I could quite well get used too. Oooooooh it was so nice snuggled up on the sofa with a fleecy blanket and the dog licking my toes……..bliss!!!
Unfortunately that time had been earmarked for experimenting with another texture background but I will have to do that tomorrow now.
So I will just share with you some cards I did using the Dye Ink and Isopropyl Alcohol Technique which I just love because the results are so stunning.
All stamps used in the following project are by Rubbadubbadoo.
When I saw the technique in a magazine it had been done on metallic card so I did lots onto silver mirror card and the results are stunning but unfortunately don’t scan well and I always have to see what other surfaces will take the technique so these have all been done onto pearlised card.
You do need to use a good quality card. The one I used is from Kanban and it’s original colour was a sort of ivory. I did try it on some cheaper stuff that I had bought from one of the units where you fill a box but it just didn’t work quite as well.
For this first card I used Vivid ink pads in two shades of blue and a touch of green. I never say how many layers people should do because everyone likes different depths of colour but here I just did a layer of each of the blues starting with the lightest, a touch of green and then the lightest blue again to smooth the colour out a little. Also for this one I didn’t want the crusty ink that gathers at the edges when you add the Isoproyl and heat it so I held the gun a little further away from the card to avoid this.

This card was made using a mixture of Mustard and Pumpkin Stazon with just a touch of Blazing Red and Timber Brown Stazon to add some depth to the colour. I always start off with the lightest colour and work up to the darkest.
The background is just ink rubbed into card with a sponge using ink from one of the large Vivid 12 colour ink pads and then it has been sprayed with black webbing spray. The stamping has been done in Versamark and embossed with clear EP.

This card has been made using up the leftovers from other projects which I just couldn’t bear to throw away.

I have embossed the pear image in gold but before I did the stamping I gave the card a good buff with a soft tissue and then used an anti static bag (very gently) to avoid having EP where I didn’t want it.
Please be careful with the Isopropyl Alcohol if you decide to have a go at this technique. Make sure you work in a well ventilated area and don’t do long sessions as I found it gave me a headache after a while.
Do not smoke while using and if you decant it into anything else such as a misting bottle then please make sure to label the container especially if you have other liquids such as Surgical Spirits or Bleach in similar containers.
If you need help with this or any of the other techniques you can leave me a message here and I will reply to your blog.
Well I don’t know if I shall sleep or not tonight for two reasons…….1 I had the afternoon nap and 2……………………….I am dead excited because the lady at the shop where I do classes ordered my Cricut machine on Tuesday and I am hoping that it will come Thursday. It is actually a combined birthday present from a few people and my birthday isn’t just yet but she said if we didn’t order it before the trade show I might not get one for ages. So I may have a new toy to play with at the weekend.
Have a lovely day then whatever you are doing


4 Responses to “Just about back on track!!!”

  1. Kathy said

    These cards are lovley. I’ll never be able to do anything like this, but I love to see your work and swwon over it!

    I love that 2nd card and how perfectly the stamp you chose works with the colours and texture of the background. And the pear card is just stunning!

  2. Sue said


    bum thought you said you could smoke!!!!

  3. Sue said

    and I meant to say how lovely those cards are

    you are so very clever

    cannot wait to see what you do with Jim

  4. Gillian Hamilton said

    Sigh!!!!… What beautiful, beautiful cards Sheila….
    Thankyou for sharing your techniques.. soooo much to learn from you…You’re sooo talented..
    lucky you with the Cricut.. I can’t wait to see what you create with it..

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