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Bonded Pearls

Posted by manicstamper on February 6, 2007

Last night I was browsing around the net and came across a technique using Pearlex powders over an image stamped in Versamark and embossed in clear EP.
The sample shown looked sooooo gorgeous I turned straight round to my work area and had a go at it and boy did it look better in real life to what it did on a screen.
For mine I had to use Perfect Pearls as I no longer have my Pearlex but it worked just as well from what I could see.
Anyway that was somebody else’s technique and much as I loved it I wanted to see if I could approach it in a different way.
The samples above are what I came up with. Again it does look better in real life as there is much more depth to the colour than actually shows up on screen.
As you know, last week I was doing Bondaweb backgrounds with embossing powders and I found a stray piece of the webbing on my desk. I wondered what would happen if I used the Perfect Pearls brushed on over the webbing instead of using EP and then reheated it……..well it looks totally gorgeous is what happens.
For the shown sample I took a piece of lilac card and cut a piece the size I wanted my finished piece to be then cut a piece of Bondaweb just a little larger…….not too much else you end up with melted webbing everywhere.
Remove the adhesive from it’s backing and place over the card. Heat with a heat gun and allow any bubbles that form to burst so that the background card shows through.
Allow to cool slightly.
Now using the larger brush that comes with the Perfect Pearls start to brush the powders over the melted webbing.
Heat again with a heat gun and then when cool, buff with a soft cloth.
The flower image was stamped in Versamark and brushed with Perfect Pearls, using the smaller brush for better control on the detailed image.
I’ve also included one for the boys using the new Patina Pearls and some triple embossing that has been stamped into

I’d love to thank the lady who sparked this off for me bit unfortunately in my excitement I didn’t write down the web address which I usually do so I’m unable to revisit and thank her directly.
Just in case she ever reads this…………
Thank You!!!

How much excitement can a body handle?
Today I bought home my very own Jimminy Cricut.
I was very bad and ordered four more cartridges including the Christmas one. Yes I know it’s a bit early but if I leave until I need to start making Christmas cards I won’t get one for love nor money knowing my luck.
So mucho playing planned when I have finished the card orders I have.

Right well I am dying for a coffee so I’ll be off.

Have fun if you try the technique.

Bye for now



9 Responses to “Bonded Pearls”

  1. TandaStamps said

    On form yet again Sheila darling! 😀

  2. Net said

    Wowser Sheeler – they look fab as always!

    Net -x-

  3. Carolyn said

    Blimey you don’t do things by halves do you…4 cartridges!

    Fab cards as usual

  4. Gillian Hamilton said

    Oh Sheila… Right now!!! I’ve just realised that this is a blog I have to come to every day.. or I miss tooooooo much excitement…
    How gorgeous are these cards.. I’m learning so much from you, thankyou!!!!!.. Have fun with you Jimminy… I’m only a little jealous!!!! LOL!!!

  5. mjb coffee said

    Oh-h-h-h My Goodness!!!! Your two cards are gorgeous!!! I have to try that technique. I will probably jump up and down with joy if my card turns out half as good as yours. Love your site. I am a first time visitor.

  6. manicstamper said

    Welcome mjb coffee. Thrilled to know you like my site.
    Have faith…….your card will turn out fine…….this is a win, win technique and there’s not too much can go wrong.


  7. Sue said


    boy am I glad we are sharing Jim xxxx

  8. Birdbrain said

    Wowsers! Now if I just knew what Bondaweb was and if I could find it in Canada …

  9. Birdbrain said

    Sheila, I googled Bondaweb and I know exactly what it is, thanks. It’s plain old fusible interfacing and I have a stash with my sewing stuff. I am going to try the technique.

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