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Posted by manicstamper on February 10, 2007

Sorry folks I have got a bit behind with my blogging…….well everything really as it has just been one of those weeks what with family things to sort out……you know what it’s like I’m sure.
I’ve had a marathon night again and have worked right through. Unfortunately I haven’t been stamping. My daughter who has recently taken up jewellery making decided she wanted a proper work area in her room but could only fit it in by moving out a piece of furniture. So she has moved out a fabulous cupboard with shelves over that I have bagged and I have spent all night moving stuff around in my room and having a really good sort out.
I’ve lost a desk…….well a piece of worktop which means I have had to move to another area to work……..but it has opened the room up. I can really feel the ‘chi’ flowing now……well either that or it’s a draught cos me feet are freezing…….lol!!!
Once I have put all the bits away that don’t seem to fit anywhere but are vital and have sorted out the power to my new area I shall be catching up with a couple of things I have been mulling over while I have been sorting out.
My new cartridges have arrived for Jim the Cricut and they look fab. Had a quick go with the Base Camp alphabet yesterday morning…………oooooh it’s gorgeous. That along with some mega bargain bloomers (get down to your nearest Dunelm Mill shop) will be the basis for some cards inspired by the fabulous Gillian Hamilton…………check out her Blog in my Fabulous Places……her work is just amazing.
Well I am off for a bath to freshen up and then I shall get to work on some cardmaking which will mean I should have something to post later.
Bye for now
Happy Saturday


One Response to “Sorrrrrrry!!!!!”

  1. Gillian Hamilton said

    Oh go on with you!!!!….
    you’ve made me go all red…LOL!!!!
    oh how lovely your DD taking up beading, hopefully lots of treasures for you to wear… :o)

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