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Lazy Sunday

Posted by manicstamper on February 19, 2007

Lazy Sunday………..well not strictly true. I have been trying to sort out my mass of card stock and condense it down a bit. Didn’t manage to make that much space but I did bin some of the tattier stuff that was beyond redemption, did some die cuts with some bits I found and stashed those away for another day and put the card in better order than it was.
I am going to have to stop buying card for a while now cos there is just nowhere for it to go.
The next job when I get some spare time is to reorganise my envies and cello bags as they do seem a tad muddled.
Other than that I have been pottering about and making up a few embellishments for some Mother’s Day cards I need to get done and some others for baby cards.
I really, really don’t like making baby cards……..all that pastel and cuteness makes me come over quite queasy…….lol!!! I did see some baby cards in a magazine that had been done in an alternative style which were gorgeous but my customers are a bit traditional so I tend to stick to pink and blue with white and for the odd Twins card I do mint or lemon.
I’m off to the trade show at the NEC, Birmingham later today. I’ll be going with the lady from the shop where I do classes but I am also fitting in a meeting with an American company who would like me to demo for them and hopefully will be catching up with Andrew and Alex from Tandastamps over coffee at some point during the day………if I ever find my mobile phone which could be anywhere.
So no stamping done today and no late night session either as I need to get some sleep if I am to be fit for the show.
I’m sure I shall come back with sore feet as usual and eyes like saucers from gawping at all the gorgeous stuff.
Night night from me then

2 Responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Anntaurus said

    I will help you condense your card and paper stash Sheila!!! lol

  2. Gillian Hamilton said

    Oh I did have a chuckle at the ‘baby card’ comment… I’m with you about all that pastel… LOL!!!!…hope you had a great time at the trade show! sounds like fun… :o)

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