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Two days with nothing to show!!!

Posted by manicstamper on February 26, 2007

Well day two of my Castaway try outs and I still have nothing to show for it. I am getting results but not what I was expecting if I am honest and what I am getting I really do not like at all.
I gave up on trying it out on card as it was just doing nothing and moved on to using it on some coloured tissue which had been glued to card for stability and got my first actual bleached effect. I don’t think I let it dry enough though and only half of the piece was bleached.
The second piece I tried the whole thing bleached but only after leaving it for a good half hour which is much longer than the five minutes recommended.
I am going to try Net’s suggestion of brayering gloss card and then using the ink pad on that but I am saying to myself that the effect is going to be the same as a resist background using Versamark only maybe not quite as neat.
I’m not sold as yet but I will persevere and show you the results……..good and bad.

Didn’t do quite as much as I wanted to today as I have spent a good deal of time asleep.
Every now and again I have what I call my ‘off days’. These are two days where I am so tired and weak that I am good for very little. I don’t know why I get them but have done for years now. After the two days I am usually fine. I just thank god that it doesn’t happen every week.

So all I have to show for a lovely sunny Sunday…….well the bit I saw was………….is a pile of stamped card that didn’t work out, two pieces of tissue covered card…… for the bin and one that might just pass and a small pile of die cuts…that’s it.
What a wasted day.

Anyway sleep is calling me again so I had best give in……trying to work through this just makes matters worse so I have to be good and do as my body tells me.

Anonymous……….Thank you for your comment. I have left justified my text now and hope this helps.

Night night


One Response to “Two days with nothing to show!!!”

  1. Jo said

    This stamping lark sounds more an more complicated by the day! No advice as I have no clue about anything like that lol but I hope that you can make some thing that you like with it 🙂

    Hope that you have a lots better day today and feel better {{{hugs}}}

    jo xx

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