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Fab Friday

Posted by manicstamper on March 10, 2007

I seem to be having more than my fair share of really nice days at the moment.

Yesterday was lovely. Very peaceful with everybody out of the house until 9pm.
Got loads done……mostly preparation work……cutting card blanks and doing a bit of sorting out.
While I was sorting out a small set of drawers where I shove anything and everything I came across two cards I had made with some vintage rub ons. What they were doing in there I do not know.
Anyway they are the cards that I will share today as they are a bit different. You will spot the fact that I have used my favourite Florentine stamp on them.

Later today I am off for a ride in our new car which arrived yesterday.
As I don’t drive the only thing that interests me about cars is the colour and the fact that it has four wheels and a CD player. Well the colour is vile. I can’t believe our beautiful red C Max has been exchanged for this horrible dark grey thing. I’ve a good mind to make him send it back. Still it has four wheels and a CD player so two out of three ain’t bad.
I am navigator so I am going to navigate in the direction of Craft Central as I need some envelopes and want to have a look at some word rub ons.
I’ve had a shower and got changed so hopefully he will take me for lunch while we are out……..he he !!!!
Have a fab day
Thanks for dropping by

2 Responses to “Fab Friday”

  1. Di said

    That is a lovely stamp Sheila. I love looking at all your cards.
    I am another one who doesn’t drive.

  2. Letap said

    Wow!!! – gorgeous cards.

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