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Spanner in the works!!!

Posted by manicstamper on March 15, 2007

Today started off fine…….got some new cards done for the local shop and did a bit of essential hxxxxxxxk and laundry after which I was going to sit and do something amazing with rubber matting and embossing powders……well it could have been amazing but I never found out as I got a call for a special order card. Got that done and then had four more calls for special orders all needed for tomorrow which have taken me all night to do.
I can go a couple of weeks without calls for specials so to get five in one day is a bit unusual.
Now I have to go and get some sleep as I am out early to work in the morning…..on the bus again……for the last time hopefully.
Apologies then for having nothing to post tonight. I shall have to get the rubber matting out when I get in from work.
Night night


2 Responses to “Spanner in the works!!!”

  1. Hazel said

    Wow, Sheila – five specials in one night! You certainly deserve to ‘play’ tonight.

    Your work is so inspirational – I love dipping into your blog to see your fantastic work.

  2. Anntaurus said

    Rubber matting and embossing powders – Sheila I am intrigued!!

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