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Grey and Grizzly Friday

Posted by manicstamper on March 23, 2007

What a blummin’ grey and miserable day it’s been today……well outside at least it has, but not in my workroom. Inside it has been all Spring, sunshine and flowers.
I spent the morning stamping away with this Stampendous girly shoes and handbag stamp which I borrowed from my boss to do some girly cards.
I don’t seem to have many girly stamps really….probably because I am not much of a girly myself….but I do like this stamp since I used it to design a couple of cards for us to do in workshops at the shop.
The paper for the first card is from a K&Co pad called BW Neopolitan and it has a mixture of pink and brown designs then this eye popping pink and lime in several different designs. It looks quite soft in the scan but believe me it is really bright IRL.
For the second card I used some paper from a pack my DD bought for me. It’s from the English Paper Company and the designs are by Vanessa Arbuthnott. It’s not something I would have chosen myself if I am honest but it’s pretty and I do have to remember that I am making these cards for all tastes and not just my own.
The flowers are punched and as the punch is fuchsia pink I think it is one from Hobbycraft but it doesn’t have the logo on it so I am not 100% sure.
This afternoon and this evening I have been sorting out a box of decorative papers that I have had forever. A lot of it is stuff I bought for using in my demo’s when I was doing Create and Craft TV shows so was bought to go with specific sets of stamps. I have been quite ruthless and thrown away the worst of it and some of it I have salvaged and cut up into useful pieces.
Isn’t it funny how virtuous you feel when you have tidied something? It hasn’t made a jot of difference to the heap that is is my workroom but I know I have done it so I’m dead chuffed.
Had to feel sorry for my poor neighbours as I got out a bunch of CD’s I haven’t listened to for ages. I have warbled my way through the soundtracks from Dirty Dancing, Phenomenon and That Thing You Do and my fabby daughter found me the CD single of a song I have been hearing on the radio a lot just lately but never getting to hear who it was by……turns out it is Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs…..that has been on about fifty times and I love, love, love it.
Tomorrow I will do my card for the Daring Cardmakers challenge this week which is a multiple birth card. I put it off today because I really hate making baby cards as I have said before so I wanted time to think about using something other than pink or blue. I think I may have it sussed now so that will be my first job. I also have the new pirate stamps from TandaStamps to have a play with which I am looking forward to although none of the pirates look remotely like Johnny Depp which would have made it much more interesting in my humble opinion…….ooooooh shiver me timbers…that is one good looking fella eh girls?
Can’t decide now whether to have a quick shower and then come back and do some more stamping or a nice soak in the bath and then watch a film. I think I may opt for the film if hubby fancies watching one…….only because he has a box of Roses chocolates in the lounge and I am stuck way back here at the back of the house….lol!!!
Whatever you are doing…….have a fab weekend.

4 Responses to “Grey and Grizzly Friday”

  1. Anntaurus said

    I will try again without the spelling mistakes!!

    Glad you enjoyed your day off Sheila – I am a huge fan of the song ‘Ruby’ too!! If I was next door I would have asked you to turn it up!

    Great cards – particularly like the second one but only because I am more partial to these colours than I am of Pink.

  2. Di said

    I like that song too, had to download it for DD and DS1 and discovered I like it. I’m not very up to date with music. As always your cards are fab Sheila. I have that K&Co paper pad and have just covered a mirror with one of the sheets.

  3. Letap said

    Natty cards Sheila. Hope you have a good weekend. Looking forward to seeing your ideas with the pirate stamps.

  4. Gillian Hamilton said

    awww…so pretty Sheila.. love these cutie-pie shoe stamps..and ofcourse you have used them perfectly!

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