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Inchie Horror Show!!!

Posted by manicstamper on March 28, 2007

Whoo…everybody is ‘inchie-ing’
Sue at Crafts by Carolyn has the most gorgeous set in the gallery there……I tried to put a link in but it wouldn’t work properly……sorry!!!

These are the ones I entered for the challenge over at UK Stampers and ok so I am an inchie virgin but they are not a patch on others I have seen and nowhere near my finest artistic hour. However……..having said I hated doing them [which I did at the time]I do find them quite intriguing and have decided that I will do some for myself as practice pieces before I even dream of entering another swap.

If I set myself challenges of say 10 at a time maybe they won’t be quite so daunting as having to tackle 26. Doing it that way I will also be able to use up some of the smaller pieces of backgrounds I have already made. Kind people have also given me some fabulous hints and tips on things to use on them and where to buy them.

So this week I shall get some coin collecters pockets and make a start on some small collections of Inchies………..which I may or may not share depending on the mess I make of them.

Well it’s been a lovely day here today…….up until now.

The sun has been shining and I even had washing out on the line…….well one skirt……!!!

Now all hell is let loose as my neighbours son has lit a fire at the rear of their garage/workshop and set fire to our coal bunker. I’ve sent hubby to deal with it because if I go down there I know I will struggle to keep my hands off him. He does stupid things like this on a regular basis and it’s now getting beyond a joke.

There’s a lot more to it but it’s not my place to discuss it on a public Blog.

My digital camera has arrived….oooooh it’s fabby but it’s going to take a bit of practice I think to get some decent shots. I swear the picture I had in the frame this afternoon was of one of my cards but all I got was my foot……….talk about technologically challenged!!!

All hints and tips gratefully received……lol!!!

Hopefully by the time I get around to wanting to photograph 3D projects I’ll be a little better at it.

Just finishing up some cards for the local shop and then I am going to work on some cards for a class tomorrow…….extra samples in different colours as the ladies from the class I did last week said they didn’t like the cards we did as they were dark colours. I thought if I did some in other colours it would show people that you just need to take the technique and apply your own choice of colour to it and experiment a bit with other stamps and different colours of card etc. It’s so difficult trying to please everybody.

Best get on then

Bye for now



8 Responses to “Inchie Horror Show!!!”

  1. Hazel said

    Fantastic inchies, Sheila – I knew yours would be brilliant! By the time you’ve done a few more, you’ll declare that you love doing them!!

  2. Leni said

    very nice inchies.

  3. Dollydimps said

    Brilliant collection of inchies Sheila, and can see why doing that number would be daunting!
    Love to read your blog, you’re always so inspiring, and explain so well how you’ve done things

  4. Wendy - Anntaurus said

    Very nice Inchies Sheila – something I haven’t tried as yet!! Will need a handful of brave pills before I tackle anything so small!

  5. Di said

    I don’t know why you were worrying, your inchies are great!

  6. Sue said

    Brilliant – I knew they would be

  7. Letap said

    These inchies look pretty good to me. Good luck with further pieces. Look forward to seeing them.

  8. Gillian Hamilton said

    Oh I want to collect Inchies now!!!! {she says while she stamps her feet!}.. after seeing your beautiful ones… they are just gorgeous Sheila.. love this colour combo you’ve used.. and that’s a cool idea about using the coin pockets to store them in..

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