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Beside meself with excitement!!!

Posted by manicstamper on April 26, 2007

Oh gawd I am sooooooooo excited today.

I have just opened my mail for today to find a preview copy of the June issue of Craft Stamper magazine and………………..I have been published (fainty type smily needed here)…lol.
I have stopped looking at it long enough to scan the cover to show you but I don’t think I would be allowed to show the inside article which is a six page spread……..six blooming pages…….oh my life!!!
Here is the cover(I screamed when I saw it and hubby is now calling the men in white coats).
I am going to let you guess which is my effort to see if you get it right.Back later I just need to go and check that I wasn’t seeing things.
Bye for now


18 Responses to “Beside meself with excitement!!!”

  1. Bex said

    Flippin well done and truly deserved xxx
    I’ll do a little happy dance with Maisie for you xxxxx

    Love Bex

  2. janice h said

    Great news…can’t wait to pick my copy up now

  3. Wendy - Anntaurus said

    Well done Sheila! I have got up for an hour or so and I can feel your excitement! I can guess which one from the cover – the Tanda Stamp ladies!! Such a nice feeling to see something you have made in print isn’t it? But a 6 page spread!! Wow!

    Thanks for all your hugs and get well wishes by the way!

  4. Angelnorth said

    Fab, fab, fab! Well done Sheila. My guess is the same as Wendy’s – I looked at those vintage stylee ladies and thought ‘Sheila!’. Hope I’m right, I’ll feel a fool if not!

    Hope you’re having a little splash of something special to celebrate!

  5. Dollydimps said

    I’m with the others on the ladies!
    Congratulations you brilliantly talented lovely lady!!!! xxx

  6. maggieb said

    WOW Sheila well done.Your cards are fab.

  7. Lynne.x said

    Congratulations Sheila ….. 😀

  8. Sue said

    6 pages !!! so well deserved

    Cannot wait for the BOOK!!!!

  9. Anonymous said

    OMG – she’s amazing!!! Congrats Sheila – woohoo! You absolutely rock… and it’s definitely the Tanda Retro women…

    How cool!! I don’t think that anything could make you rpouder of give you a bigger buzz – fantastic mate!


  10. Rachel said

    Sheila what fantastic news hun you deserve it!!!!

  11. Jo said

    woohoo! that is is so fabby and so well deserved, I love all the cards that you make, you are so talented and it is fantastic that you are in print!!

    jo xx

  12. Letap said

    Congrats to you Sheila – love reading your blog – you often make me smile. You are also v talented and informative.Off to get a copy of said mag now.

  13. Paula said

    Can I have your autograph please miss?

  14. manicstamper said

    letap……….unfortunately mag isn’t on sale until Friday 4th May.

    Thank you all so much for sharing my excitement.

  15. Kathy said

    wow, that’s just fab – and soooo well deserved as all your stuff is just amazing.

    I’ll buy this one as soon as it comes out just so’s I can say – “see that? – I know her wot made it!”

  16. Montysmum said

    how fab is that! well done!!

  17. Gillian Hamilton said

    DANCING A SILLY DANCE FOR YOU TOO!!!… 6 pages!! thats Unreal! wooohooo

  18. Rhi said

    Well done Sheila, very well deserved!

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