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I give up!!!

Posted by manicstamper on April 30, 2007

Sorry no proper blog tonight. I have typed out my entry twice and lost it as we have something wrong with the electricity supply which keeps flicking off and back on again.
Hopefully be back tomorrow.
Bye for now


2 Responses to “I give up!!!”

  1. Paula said

    Don’t you just love blogger?? If I’m doing a long post I do it in word first 😉

  2. Hazel said

    Not like me earlier today!!

    I’m part of the team on our church blog. I logged on this afternoon – did a post about the 4 x 4s I’d made for a swap – didn’t both to save to draft, but just hit ‘publish’ – only to find that I’d put it on the church blog instead of my crafting one. And then Blogger wouldn’t let me in to get rid of it – did it in the end – and, of course, put it in the right place! How red-faced would I have been if it had stayed there!
    Hope you’re not away from us soon, Sheila – I value your inspiration.

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