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Bad News

Posted by manicstamper on May 7, 2007

I have discovered a virus in my computer this morning which unfortunately Norton AntiVirus seems unable to remove. I am unable to access some areas and it looks like I may have lost a good deal of work.
Please bear with me while I try to get this sorted.

I hope the small minded s***s who send these things out can live with themselves. I am a small business just about managing to keep my head above water not some multi million pound company. If my estimate is right you have lost me over four years worth of records of my work plus hundreds of pounds worth of downloaded purchases which I will never be able to replace. Some I have on disc but quite a lot I don’t due to technical problems so that is gone.
I’m not usually a vindictive or nasty person but ya know……I really hope for something bad to happen to you very soon. Sadly I won’t get to hear about it but I live in hope.

To all my friends out there…….I hope to be back as soon as I have assessed the extent of the damage.

Bye for now


4 Responses to “Bad News”

  1. Tassycrafty said

    I really hope you manage to sort everything out and come back soon. I hope that there hasnt been as much damage though!!!I pray you recover everything, fingers crossed.
    Take care and do you have anti virus software protection?

  2. Net said

    Oh Sheila what a sod for you! I’ve just lost loads of photos when I had to have a new hard drive… The guy managed to recover a lot of stuff but not the photos, which of course is what I wanted. If theres anything I can do to help – holler.

  3. Wendy - Anntaurus said

    Oh no Sheila – that’s all you need. It amazes me how the little blighters manage to get through Fire walls and virus checkers. Hope the damage is minimal.

  4. Carolyn said

    I know exactly how you feel – the very same thing happened to me on over New Year – it so infuriating – just don’t understand hwo anyone gets fun out of it.

    DH did manage to do some trickery and got into the PC in the end – and I managed to get most files other than emails. If you want some help LMK – he may be able to advise

    Sending you a huge hug

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