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Total Loss

Posted by manicstamper on May 7, 2007

Well it looks like my computer is totally dead.
The virus removed all of the Windows components and replaced them with unrecognisable ones.
I can access some files for reference so I am going to have to try and replace what I can the hard way but internet is gone along with all of my e mail addresses and all my important saved stuff.
My wonderful daughter went straight out and bought a laptop so that I do at least have internet access to try and replace some of what I have lost as soon as I can. It’s going to be a long, long job.

I won’t be able to post any pics for a few days. I am off to Devon Wednesday morning so am now busy packing for that but will sort out connecting the scanner etc on Sunday.

Don’t forget me while I’m gone will you……lol!!!

Bye for now


4 Responses to “Total Loss”

  1. Wendy - Anntaurus said

    Darling Daughter deserves lots of hugs!! Have a good trip to Devon Sheila – we won’t forget you but we will wait with baited breath for your next wonderful creation! After all anticipation builds the excitement!!

    Seriously it is such a shame this has happened – we had similar a couple of years ago. My Son’s Computer got a virus that completely fried something inside. I felt so sorry for him – I could have cried. Went out and bought replacement bits for him.

  2. Rainowgirl said

    Sheila what a nightmare. All that work lost. Why do they do these things? And how come it got through Norton’s?

    Do hope you manage to retrieve some of it from your CDs.

    Can’t bear to think what I’d do without my PC.

  3. Net said

    What a sweetie your Roz is! Sheila take your puter to a specialist repairer – they may well be able to recover a lot if not all of your stuff for you.

    Enjoy Devon me duck!

  4. Paula said

    Oh no! I had this happen a while back but didn’t lose anything too important thankfully. I save everything on to memory stick and put them in the attic every so often.

    Have fun in devon

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