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Posted by manicstamper on May 7, 2007

It looks like all may not be lost thanks to a brainwave by my wonderful daughter.
She has discovered that she is able to take files from the old computer and put them onto the new one via her MP3 player.
There will still be alot of stuff missing such as instruction sheets etc as the old computer was Star Office so all documents are in a format that is not compatable with Word. They will all have to be retyped and saved on the new laptop…….still a big job but not as mega as I first thought as any that are not desperate can be printed off and filed to do later.
All my business forms will have to be redone though as they are in Star Office…..what a pain.
So up to now it looks like Tuesday will be a whole lot better than Monday except that I have no sample cards made for the class tomorrow and will have to do this one off the top of my head. P,A and C are used to that though so I am sure they will forgive me.
Totally worn out with all this worry now so I am going to make myself a cup of hot milk to soothe my churning stomach and have a read of my new book before I get some sleep.
Thanks so much for all the kind messages and e mails.
Night night

4 Responses to “Update”

  1. Di said

    Hope everything goes well in Devon Sheila. Sorry about your computer trouble.

  2. Gillian Hamilton said

    Oh you poor thing Sheila…
    What a nasty time you’ve been having with your computer..
    But what a gem your daughter is tho…

  3. AnneW said

    Oh Sheila how devastating! How much do we love Roz though???
    Enjoy your time in Devon & try to forget your troubles for a few days!
    See you soon. LOL xx

  4. Anonymous said

    Sheila, you poor thing! I’m horrified by how much trouble this has caused you. Nightmare… thank heavens for your daughter! If I can be of any help, please say when I see you on Saturday.

    Big hugggggsssssss

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