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Devon here I come!!!

Posted by manicstamper on May 9, 2007

Ok so it is now nearly 5am and I am just off to get a couple of hours shut eye before I fall down.
Every last little thing is packed as far as I know but if it isn’t……well at least I will be in the right place….a craft shop……lol!!! I always feel like I have left something vital behind. Last year I discovered that I had left behind the floorwax for the floorwax technique…….not good when that is one of the main demos. Luckily we got some at a local store.
From the amount of baggage you would think that I am off on a world tour but I don’t seem to be able to get it down to any less no matter how hard I try. At least I will be posh this year with my new trolley and matching shoulder bags in gorgeous purple……….no more banana boxes for me.
Oh gawd I can see daylight……I’m off then.
See you all when I get back Saturday night. Hope to have the computer fully operational by the middle of next week with scanner and printer hooked up.
Bye…………… good:0)


5 Responses to “Devon here I come!!!”

  1. TandaStamps said

    Hope to see you Sheila, have a cracking weekend! 😀


  2. Anonymous said

    See you on Saturday Sheila!!

    Have fun! 😀


  3. Anonymous said

    Hi Sheila
    Met you at Totnes today
    Just want to thank you again for the wonderful class I have already booked for October cant wait
    Will see you at the Demo on saturday

  4. Gillian Hamilton said

    Oh I so wish I could go to your classes…. I hope you are having a Blast hun!

  5. Anonymous said

    Sheila, It was great to have met you yesterday at Totnes. Hope you got home safely and have slept well! I am hoping to get some bondaweb on Monday and try that technique! Good to see Rosie and Amber too eh? Ali xx

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