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Well that’s it……’s had it!!!

Posted by manicstamper on May 16, 2007

Poor old computer has totally died now. Can’t even get into anything so the last bits of stuff are gone for ever by the looks of it.
I switched it on to see if I could scan a couple of cards I have made today but it’s not having any of it.
Ah well I shall just have to save them up as I do them to post later.
Won’t get the printer and scanner hooked up to the new one for a few days as DD is on nights so is in bed all day and at work all night. As it involves wires I am not touching it…..cos I am a big wuss……I know……I know:0)
Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow…….I am as excited as a kid at Christmas cos I have a Crop-o-dile thingymajig on order and also another cartridge for Jiminy. I hope both come so that I can use them over the weekend. I’ll settle for one though as long as it’s the Crop-o-dile…!!!
We’ve got an all day class tomorrow so the boss and I are splitting it between us and I get the afternoon stint which is my favourite. The boss likes the morning so it’s fab cos we don’t fight over who does what.
Has anyone seen the fab new paper/card books and boxes you can get now. They are so gorgeous. Co-ordinated papers and cards in pads for £5.99. I have the black and white and the Oriental which are both to die for. Then there are A6 boxes stuffed full of a really good mixture of cards and papers for £4.99 and a business card sized box for £2.49. Well worth looking out for as some of the contents could definitely be called luxury…….really top notch textured and embossed in both the card and paper.
Can you tell that I’m impressed…!!!
Right then I had best go and pack for tomorrow as I need to take quite a bit of stuff with me and then I am off for a read and an early night.
Bye for now


6 Responses to “Well that’s it……’s had it!!!”

  1. Anonymous said


    Have a great class! These boxes of cards/papers – who makes them?

    Sorry about the PC – still, you could always alter it, couldn’t you?!!! Hehehe!!

    Rosie xx

  2. Anonymous said

    Yes, I’d like to know about those papers/cards too. LOL! Ali

  3. Wendy - Anntaurus said

    I was going to ask the same question lol! Which crop-a-dile are you getting the pink or the green? Plus c’mon spill the beans – which cartridge for Jiminy?

  4. Anonymous said

    Have you seen the Scraparatus yet Sheila? LOL…

    Rosie xx

  5. manicstamper said

    I’ll find out who makes the boxes of cards and papers. I do know that they sell them on Create and Craft.

    I got the fabby green crop-a-dile in a case with 400 eyelets. Not had a play yet.

    Scraparatus??? Wot’s that then?

  6. manicstamper said

    Oh……cartridge for Jiminy erm….I ordered Doodle Charms and when the rep comes next week I am ordering Fabulous Finds. I think that is all I want now until they bring out some new ones:0)

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