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Gillian Hamilton……Your Crown Is Safe!!!

Posted by manicstamper on June 11, 2007

Still trying to catch up with the Daring Cardmakers challenges I decided to start with the ‘No Glue, No DST’ one and to make it a challenge for me I thought ‘I know….I’ll do a bit of sewing’…….cos I just love the sewing Gillian does on her cards.
The machine was rescued from under the stairs, checked over and cleaned and I got quite excited at feeding card in at one end and masterpieces flying out at the other………NOT HAPPENING……!!!
First problem…….I forgot how to thread the machine up…….not having used it for going on for eight years….and could I find the instruction book….of course not so I spent a good hour searching everywhere I could think it might possibly be. Still no instruction book.
Had a fiddle about and eventually got it looking how I thought it should be but the needle felt loose. Went in the storage compartment to get me little tool to tighten it and guess what was on the inside of the lid………..a diagram on how to thread up the machine so I just dissolved into hysterical laughter and couldn’t do a thing for about ten minutes.
Once I stopped laughing I got the machine threaded up properly and had a practice on some spare card….fab. Not so fab when you are trying to sew paper onto card that isn’t anchored down at all and after half a dozen attempts I gave up, threw the lot in the bin and went off to Craft Central.
I think I might need to take a sewing machine driving test before I try that again…lol!!!
Back to the drawing board to sort the design out using brads methinks.

Anyway my trip to CC cheered me up no end and I spent an obscene amount of money on some fabby K&Co papers and a pad, two Hampton Art stamps and two Woodware Clear sets, some clipboard clips, a punch, some storage boxes, a pack of envelopes and a nifty new pair of scissors.
Took DD for lunch in town and then went to the supermarket where I made a right mess all over the floor by picking up a faulty bottle of bath foam which proceeded to leak everywhere I went until a kind lady pointed out that I had a wet trail behind me. DD has decided that I am not fit to be out in public and I am now grounded for the next 10 years except for going to work.
Gawd I might be mad…………..but at least I am not boring…….so says DD anyway.

Well I had best go and get packed for work tomorrow or should I say today as it is 1:27am as I type.

Night night


5 Responses to “Gillian Hamilton……Your Crown Is Safe!!!”

  1. Anonymous said

    Cor blimey Sheila – never a dull moment at your house!!! LOL @ you & the sewing machine! You’d love mine – it’s german (as are the instructions) and it’s about 25 years old!

    I think I’d have had a blast at CC too 😉

  2. Anonymous said

    Sorry – that was me commenting in blonde mode!

  3. Gillian Hamilton said

    ROFL!!!!! not at you ofcourse… lol!
    Sheila you are a gorgeous girl… always a brilliant story..and definately NEVER BORING!!!!
    I’m sorry all those attempts ended in the bin…
    But I’m glad you managed to ease your sorrows at Craft Central.. :O)

  4. Wife2TJ said

    Sounds like me got a sewing machine thought it would be easy to use and I am struggling meanwhile my mom who actually knows how to use it lives 12 hours away. So i take it out every now and then and try to thread it up right so it works and get frustrated and put it back away. LOL!

  5. Jo said

    lol! hope you are having a better week this week! (((hugs)))

    jo xx

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