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How Much Excitement Can One Woman Stand?

Posted by manicstamper on June 26, 2007

Evening all.
I have had such a fabulous day today…….well apart from having a banging headache when I got in from work.
I finally got my Cuttlebug………..Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! Also got my new cartridge for Jiminy Cricut and I have to admit to six of the new K & Co paper pads slipping into my shopping basket. The boss was laughing because as I was pricing them up I was saying……’one for me….five for the shop’……lol!!! The papers are doublesided and just sheer gorgeousness.

I am also very excited today and if you look here you will see why

I keep going and having a look and then pinching myself as I just can’t believe it.

There’s something else exciting later in the week too which I can’t say anything about just at the minute.

No card to post just now as I have been working on a special project but I will probably have something to post later tonight or tomorrow morning if I can stay awake long enough……..all this excitement has quite worn me out……lol!!!

Catch you later


3 Responses to “How Much Excitement Can One Woman Stand?”

  1. Wendy - Anntaurus said

    Well done Sheila – am made up for you! If I say that’s more like it I think you will know what I mean!

  2. Rosie said

    Oh wow Sheila! Woohoo!!

    I know what stamps I shall be using this year then… Yours!!

    I’m so pleased for you. Well done!!


  3. Kim said

    Well done you! Fab stamps, can feel a future purchase coming up!!
    Best of luck with your designs, they’re lovely.


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