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Rockin’ Girl Bloggers

Posted by manicstamper on July 23, 2007

Well here are my first four ladies that I am passing on the badge to……….right…..well I would but I can’t get the badge to show in my post so I think you will just have to copy it from up yonder and paste it into your own blog.

I just love Kim’s work. Her use of colour is just wonderful.
What Pegi does with papers has to be seen to be believed. I regularly drool and dream over her creations.
She’s been away from blogging for ages due to swotting for her NVQ……but now she’s back and I just know she will love the badge cos it’s pink.
I love to visit Carloyn’s blog because she doesn’t just chat about crafts. She posts recipes and all sorts so it’s like sitting down and having a chat with a mate.
She also runs a fabulous forum……..which I have sadly neglected for some time due to work and stuff.
Pass this badge on to five of your most favourite blogs ladies.

2 Responses to “Rockin’ Girl Bloggers”

  1. Carolyn said

    OMG I have got a medal – I feel just like Muttley, so Ok it is just a badge….

    Thanks Sheila and thanks for your comments on my blog I will have to get on with that brayer.

    I will sort out some badges of my own later in the week, Mondays are always bad for blogging for me!

  2. Pegi Taylor said

    Hello Sheila! Thank you so much for the badge. I feel so honored. I am proudly displaying it over at my blog. Thank you again.

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