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Just A Quick One Tonight!!!

Posted by manicstamper on July 24, 2007

Oooo’er Mrs……..just a quick one………lol!!!

I decided today that I had had better have a shuffle round of my stuff as I am expecting the new computer to arrive sometime soon.
I have amazed myself at just how much space I have created and how much more accessible my materials are now.
All ribbons (and I have quite a lot) have been sorted into categories and put in resealable bags to store in an open top box. So now it’s all in the same place instead of in one of six boxes plus there is room to add more so that can’t be bad.
Most of my card is now in one place and I only have a few bits and pieces to find places for.
I have decided that I have to use up a good bit of what I have here before I buy anything else especially paper as I have a really obscene amount here. Despite sorting it all out and making up some scrap bags for the shop I just can’t believe how much I have.
Next week I have booked some time off from the shop so I will have eleven days to play….well some of the time I will have to spend doing housey stuff but at least the time I am crafting I will be able to crack on and not have to stop to pack for classes or design something ready for the next day.

Anyway have to shoot off as I have to pack for the class tomorrow and make a card for the shop.
Sorry there’s nothing to show tonight but I will hopefully be sorted enough to get something done tomorrow evening when I get in from work.

Bye for now


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