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DCM Little Extra-Christmas Tree

Posted by manicstamper on October 19, 2007

As usual the girls at Daring Card Makers came up with the right dare when I needed a push to make a certain card.
I have been thinking about this card for ages and never got around to doing anything about it.
The stamping has been done with the Holly Doodles set from Tandastamps
Well I am still doing my prep work for Stockport and Totnes. This time I am making all the templates in advance which is taking quite some doing but I think it will help things to run very smoothly and it means the ladies get to take them home too.
As much as I am looking forward to doing both venues I am also looking forward to getting back and tidying up my room ready for all the new goodies I shall buy when I go the NEC next month.
I haven’t been for a couple of years except to the trade show for the shop and I have the hugest list of stuff I want to buy.
I wouldn’t have even thought of going but DD is insisting on taking me to look for my Christmas present……..she’s got awful bossy all of a sudden….lol!!! I think she has an ulterior motive though as she now does beading and jewellery making. It’s going to be fun to see who spends the most money.
I had a question posted in a comment on the Santa card with the tags in an envelope.
Yes it was a template I used for the envelope which I think was one I bought from Lakeland Limited last Christmas although I am not 100% sure on that as it may also have been one from a set of Anna Griffin templates I have. If it’s any help though the finished envelope is approximately three inches square after folding.
I am sooooo loving these cold frosty mornings and being able to wear jumpers and long sleeved t shirts without feeling like I am going to spontaneously combust. Not liking the cold feet much though. I need some new Pods and until I have time to go buy some I am still wearing my Crocs which are a tad draughty…!!!
I’m up playing catch up with myself as although I had a good night’s sleep on Wednesday I felt shattered when I got home from work and slept from 6pm to 10pm.
I work better though when everyone else is asleep so I am off to make a few cards ready for workshops with some new stamps I have seeing as how I am wide awake.
Catch you later

4 Responses to “DCM Little Extra-Christmas Tree”

  1. Samm said

    ahhhh, this is lovely! love the colours!


  2. Tammy said

    Hi Sheila – Bought your “Holly Doodles” yesterday. I will be playing sometime today hun. Great to see your doing so great. Keep all your fantastic cards and ideas coming. Your a gem. I havent had much time to stamp and make what I call an handmade card now for months. Great news on my side is I am now designing cards (digital) for a US site. Sheila you must check them out hun – would love feed back from you.
    Anyway best get some jobs done. Miss seeing you in the shop. Take care Babe. Big Hugs Tammy xxx

  3. All Pink girl said

    Fab card ,what a great idea ,Dawnx

  4. Theresa said

    Gorgeous!!! So stunning!

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