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Oh Me Aching Head!!!

Posted by manicstamper on November 29, 2007

Think I might have picked up a bug from somewhere. I woke up with a really bad headache this morning and have felt quite sick all day along with really bad shivers and flueylike achiness all over.
Couldn’t get into my cardmaking at all so I gave up and just pottered about tidying baskets out and sorting card blanks.
So just after 11pm and I am going to give in gracefully and go to bed.
The card I am sharing is just one I made using up bits and bobs…….some offcuts of velvet paper and some spotty paper I seem to have had hanging around forever. I did well out of the bits and bobs as I made eight of these in various layouts..just right for my stand at the local shop.
Busy day tomorrow as we will be packing up the last of the shop ready to move it all on Sunday although I don’t think I am needed over the weekend as Deb has lots of relatives with vehicles going to help.
Right I am off…….I can barely keep my eyes open which is unusual for me.
Night night


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