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Daring Cardmakers-Birds

Posted by manicstamper on December 1, 2007

The ‘dare’ this week over at DCM is to make a card featuring birds. Now I am not very partial to birds I’m afraid after a traumatic incident when I was younger so I don’t really have any bird stamps to speak of. Luckily I had a pack of the gorgeous Periphery papers from Basic Grey which has a couple of sheets with birds on. So this card is just a very simple one using papers and elements from the pack with a stamped sentiment. The stamp is from Creative Expressions.

The traumatic incident involving the bird was when I was about sixteen. I laugh about it now but at sixteen I was somewhat nervy and babysitting for the first time for a couple who lived in a house on the very edge of our village surrounded by fields and woods.

So I was sat watching TV…..can’t remember what I was watching but knowing me it would have been a drama of some kind……all of a sudden I heard this flapping sound which just about frightened the life out of me and I just froze in my seat… like you do….and listened to see if I heard it again and the next minute something landed on my head and got caught in my hair. You can imagine how hysterical I was….lol!!!

So there was me running madly round the lounge trying to get this thing out of my hair which I eventually did and it turned out to be a flipping canary. It had escaped from it’s cage in the corner of the lounge which I hadn’t noticed when I went in.

I never sat for that particular couple again and I am still very nervous of anything that flies although I adore robins. Especially if they are like little tennis balls on legs.

Bug thing seems to have gone now thank goodness but the leg problem is back. At one point tonight it was so bad I had to resort to using my walking stick which I haven’t used for years so I really must go and get it checked out. I’ll see if it settles down a bit over the weekend as I did spend six hours today packing stuff at the shop which could have made it seem worse.

Anyway I am off to do a bit more of something..either tidying or cardmaking. Not ready for sleep yet.

Bye for now then



16 Responses to “Daring Cardmakers-Birds”

  1. funky doodles said

    beautiful card πŸ™‚

  2. Stempelchaotin said

    Wow this is amazing. Really nice work.

  3. Rein said


  4. Rhi said

    I love your stylish and elegant bird card. Sorry to hear about the canary incident, that would have freaked me too! Please go and get your leg/ back checked out soon or I shall have to come on here and nag you πŸ˜‰

    Love Rhi x

  5. EllePiggo said

    Its gorgeous. I love the periphery papers.:) Best go and get yourself sorted!!

  6. Wendy - Anntaurus said

    Just catching up with various blogs – love your recent cards Sheila and this is very elegant.

    I had a similar incident with a bat flapping round and round my head when I was young and now I can’t even stand a butterfly flying around

    Hope the shop move goes well and you stay fit and healthy hun!

  7. Paula said

    Fabulous use of the paper. I had no bird stamps either & can’t look another Xmas card in the eye!!

  8. All Pink girl said

    Stunning card ,love the colours ,Dawnx

  9. ink'n'rubba said

    A beautiful card made with gorgeous papers. I hope your leg gets better soon.

  10. Andrea, said

    This is fab, I love the bird

  11. Tania said

    Wow, this is really stunning!

  12. PaperBabe - Kim said

    Very elegant card I really like it. sorry to hear about your bird incident! Kim x

  13. Samm said

    Oh blimey, what a terrible story!

    Gorgeous card again!


  14. Hazel said

    Sorry to hear you’ve felt unwell and the leg has been playing up – please go along and see the doc. Scary incident with the canary. Love the elegance of the bird card.

  15. Rachel said

    Just a gorgeous card as usual!!! Very elegant

  16. Gillian :O) said

    Oh WOW Sheila, you’ve really made that beautiful paper ‘sing’
    lovely work πŸ™‚

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