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The Best Laid Plans!!!

Posted by manicstamper on December 7, 2007

I might have known that any attempt to get ahead with Christmas preparations would be doomed.
Today I decided to bake some plain sponges to put in the freezer as I usually get asked to make a trifle and have to resort to those nasty crusty things they sell at the supermarket. They were cooking away nicely and the sofa throws were gurgling around in the washing machine and all of a sudden everything stops…….yep you guessed it a flaming power cut. We get the odd blip with the power supply here now and again so I expected it to be back on within a few minutes but it was off for a couple of hours or so. The sponges are in the dustbin.
I got a couple of other jobs done which didn’t need electricity but by the time the power came back on I had lost all enthusiasm and so decided to take a night off and relax in front of a DVD with DD. So we sit down and start the film and somebody starts jack hammering outside which starts the dog barking. Hubby came in and said that there are two ginormous holes dug outside….something to do with the electricity by the looks of it but luckily our power has stayed on.
So I gave up on the film and came in my workroom to have a go at something I had been thinking about, made a complete mess of it and chucked it in the bin.
Gawd I shall be glad to get to work tomorrow……lol!!!

It will be our first day open tomorrow and I am sooo excited. Deb phoned earlier to let me know what time to be at her house in the morning….we have to be there a little earlier as the signwriter is coming to put up the new sign….and apparently we have the Christmas tree up and a lovely window display which she has worked on today.
All we need now is some customers…….so if you live anywhere near Ashby come and say hello…….you’ll find us on Brook Street.

Bedtime for me now then if I can get to sleep for this howling wind.
Night night


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