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Friday Morning……Already!!!

Posted by manicstamper on December 14, 2007

Why is it that the two days you have off from work always seem to go faster than the two days you are at work?
I can’t believe where mine have gone. Once again a huge list of things to do and hardly anything ticked off it. Mind you a migraine and a sick dog do tend to throw a bit of a spanner in the works…!!!

I spent some of Wednesday sprawled on the sofa with the sickiest most horrible migraine but strangely it didn’t last all day which is the normal way of things. I think it only lasted for about three hours or so. Then poor old Smudge was a very sad and sick dog at about 2am Thursday morning. It wasn’t anything serious just a bad case of Garbage Guts but the poor little mite didn’t half look sorry for himself. I felt more sorry for me having to clean up after him as I don’t have the strongest of stomachs for that sort of thing at any time of day but 2am…….!!!

Would have liked to have got my tag done for the DCM dare but I am doing a demo at the open evening today so have spent a good part of yesterday getting stuff ready for that plus cooking as hubby seems to think I want to spend all my days off filling his tummy with homemade goodies. Have to be nice to him though as he went out and bought me a Tassimo on Wednesday. Tesco have them on special offer and he knew I had wanted one since they first came out but would never pay £100 for what is basically a glorified water heater……lol!!! Well £100 would buy a lot of stamps!!!

I don’t expect I shall have time to do any stamping or blogging today as I shan’t be home until about 9pm. The Open Evening will just carry on from normal shop hours so it’s going to be a pretty long day.

See you at the weekend
Bye for now


One Response to “Friday Morning……Already!!!”

  1. Tassycrafty said

    I hope all went well.Its a shame I dont live near that side or i would have paid the shop a visit!

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