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Weary Woman!!!

Posted by manicstamper on December 18, 2007

Hi All,
Sorry I have not blogged for a few days but I have been feeling a bit weary and not quite myself.
I am managing to go to work and get through the day but by the time I get home I am fit for nothing much. I don’t know about ‘couch potato’ ……..I seem to have become a whole sackful of veg……lol!!!
Not doing much in the way of cardmaking at the minute but I finish work on Thursday for I think about a fortnight so I am looking forward to a good few of those days just playing…..and I will post the results if the dustman doesn’t get them first.

Thanks to anyone still dropping by while I am being such a lazy so and so.



5 Responses to “Weary Woman!!!”

  1. Net said

    Hi from one potato to another! Any idea why one person wants 10 dozen mince pies??? Roll on the weekend! I reckon we’re both due a rest!

  2. Hazel said

    I’m not surprised you are weary – you are a busy person – hope you get some rest and recharge your batteries.

  3. Rachel said

    I am sure it is this time of year – keeps us all running around like loonies!

    Anyway popped by to say Happy Christmas and new year – and here is to a healthy happy and craftful new year!


  4. Julie said

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for keeping me entertained this year.

  5. stamp and scrape said

    Sheila – please get some rest, recharge the batteries, and have a really peaceful Christmas.
    Thankyou for all your encouragement this year.

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