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Blog Candy…Better Late Than Never!!!

Posted by manicstamper on January 7, 2008

Before Christmas I passed the 30,000 hits on my visitor counter and was just too busy to sort out the Blog candy to celebrate. So I am doing it now….as I say……better late than never.
I am still looking for that elusive gorgeous thing to add to the package but here is the question I want you to answer for a chance to win.

Where is your ‘happy place’?
When you are sad or you want to escape from reality just for a while…….Where do you go?
It can be a real place….somewhere you have visited in the past or go to regularly or somewhere imaginary that you have read about in a book.
Post a comment and let me know by midnight GMT on Sunday January 13th.
The winner will be picked at random and will be announced on Monday January 14th.
I can’t wait to read your replies.
Good Luck

37 Responses to “Blog Candy…Better Late Than Never!!!”

  1. Jan Scholl said

    I tend to go to the gym and use the track if its winter or go outside and run the hills downtown just to get the uglies out. ANd I talk to myself to figure stuff out. Some people eat-I also bake bread if I cant get out of the house. and cookies and brownies and sugar stuff. I dont eat it-I send it to work with hubby.

  2. SmilynStef said

    My studio is always the escape for me … nothing better than making a little art.

  3. Shivani said

    I try to be aloof from everyone..or do my stamping..coz it bring happiness in my mind..all colours..bring peace..& gives a soothing effect on me..!!

  4. Lythan said

    its the conservatory, with my craft stuff and an audio book (rather than the conservatory with the candlestick and Rev Green…)

  5. Cathy said

    Count me in on this mystery candy. Congrats on your hits. My happy place is to hide in my stamping room or to go shopping to buy something to go in my stamping room.
    Thanks for a chance.

  6. tyrymom29 said

    My happy place is My bathtub with lots of bubbles and a great book !!! Its the only place where I get to relax and NOBODY will come in !!! When I need a lil break Im off to the bathroom hehehehehe

  7. Rosella said

    Don’t really have happy place. Would love to curl up with a book. But I think I usually come here, to see what my cardmaker friends are up to.
    Congratulations on your hits!
    Happy New Year~

  8. scfranson said

    Congratulations, you have a great blog. I love to go to Lake Superior either in person or in my mind when I need a “happy place”.

  9. Anonymous said

    I like going to my craft room and love to stamp & scrap. Congratulations on your hits.
    JoAnn B. (

  10. Annelies said

    When I’m sad I go to our backyard, where we have some sheep. They are great listeners and very soft for a hug!

  11. CAKVD said

    When I do yoga, my happy place is a vacant beach in the Bahamas. Clear water, light breeze, and warm sun. In real life, my studio (scraproom) is my happy place. I’m in it a few hours a day.
    Cheryl KVD

  12. Angel Wilde said

    My happy Place = My stamp room. When I am stamping I am happy!

  13. leann said

    My “happy place” is my eldest sons bedroom – i curl up on his bed & gaze at the sea through his window, then gaze adoringly at the David Tennant poster on his wall…

  14. Kelly's Artistic Journaling said

    My happy place is on the beach in Waikiki. Whenever I am cold I always think of that beach and I look at pictures. That’s my “Happy Place”. It warms me just to think of it!

  15. Linda said

    My happy place is my scrapping and stamping room. I can close the door and just stamp away!
    Linda Peterson

  16. Anonymous said

    My happy place is my home! I don’t have kids yet…so that may change someday! πŸ™‚ I feel warm and safe when I am home!

  17. Kim said

    Congratulations Sheila, on your hits! Your blog is beautiful as well as your work!

    My happy place is my stamp room, but I have to have some good music on as well. The combination of the stamping and music drowns out any sorrows and I can just relax.

    Thanks for the chance at your blog candy!!


  18. nettystamps said

    Congrads on your 30K milestone…you go girl!!! πŸ™‚

    My happy place??? I would love to say my stamp/craft room but if I am too aggrivated I can’t be productive….just get a mental block! Bummer, so then I head on to the bathroom and soak my troubles away….bubbles and all!!
    After that I can go on to the stamp/craft room!!! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Bluemoon said

    Well, maybe not exactly my ‘happy place’ lol, but when I need to feel better about something, a nice hot shower always invigorates and relaxes me, I shower away the stress I guess. Happy 30K! Congrats. πŸ™‚

  20. Sunnymommie said

    my scrap room make me happy… when I look at picture and do craft to make me forget from sad or mad..

  21. Donna ~*~ Tilda & Co ~*~ said

    I tend to go to this place not far from here , there is a big oak tree that i sit under on my own! either sob away or scream and hit the tree! it brings back good memories for me going there with grandparents an its also where i first learnt a big lesson from them, I can do it! on my own! hence i go off on my own to my little tree lol

    Take care
    Donna xx

  22. Elaine said

    I got into my stamp room because I can stamp, watch tv, listen to music, or look out the window at one of the most beautiful views in WA state….Lake Washington. Of course the windows are dirty right now…LOL so as soon as it stops raining or we can get window washers out, they’ll be sparkly again and I will enjoy both the storms and sunshine!

  23. Linda SS said

    My happy place is my craft room with a stamp set and designer paper in front of me, a bag of licorice to munch on, and my Maltese dog by my side. Pure bliss:)

  24. ink'n'rubba said

    well my craft room is always an escape, as long as I don’t have to be there .. .. otherwise it’s walking across a Cornish sandy beach beside the Atlantic Ocean, fortunately that’s not too far away!

  25. Shutterbug said

    I love going to my computer and spend some time digital scrapping. If I’m not in the mood for that I usually end up in my scrap room downstairs even if I only sit and think about what I’m going to make next.

  26. Lori Mueller said

    My ‘happy place’ is to be somewhere peaceful & quiet and working on something I can create with my hands. I LOVE being able to make something and then sit back and say “I made that.” Once that’s done, then I can battle world again.

  27. H said

    Mine is my craftroom buried in crafty mess :):):)
    With whitened windows with writting on πŸ˜‰ sorry only messing about pmsl

  28. Anonymous said

    Congratulations on your hits Sheila!
    My happy place is Stamper’s Grove in Edinburgh – bliss!
    Love from Yvonne XOXO

  29. suecake said

    My place is in the jacuzzi, the bubbles and the soak relax me beautifully,but I also enjoy any crafts as these are v enjoyable Congratulations on your blog its inspirational.

  30. stamp and scrape said

    My happy place is right here – enjoying reading blogs, leaving comments because I have liked the work, and reading the comments made on my work. You all make this addictive hobby such a pleasure.

  31. Net said

    Well my happy place is directly next to a large G and T when that mood takes me!

  32. Rosie said

    I either browse round some of the blogs I love or shut myself upstairs and create a little artling. It passes the down time and I always feel better afterwards. Other than that, I play loud music and hoover the dogs! πŸ˜€

  33. Andrea said

    Love your cards and congrats on reaching 30K, what an achievement!!
    My happy place is the bath, lots of bubbles and a book. After crafting, reading is my next favourite thing. Andrea

  34. Jackie said

    A cliff top in Cornwall does it for me! If I can get there it’s great but more often than not I ‘go to Cornwall in my head!!’

  35. Juliet said

    This may sound a bit mad, but it works for me! My happy place is dancing on a deserted beach in the moonlight….it is so liberating.

  36. Sarah said

    I try to escape to the land of my favorite bloggers on a daily basis. And yes, you are on my favorites list.

  37. kerry said

    i have no doubt what-so-ever in the answer to where my Happy place is:-

    ..its as my husband describes when i have “my pack” round me, that’s himself, my son and my daughter and our chocolate Labrador all at home together mmmmmmmmmmmm heaven.

    congratulations on so many hits Sheila xxxxxxxx

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