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DCM Little Extra

Posted by manicstamper on January 16, 2008

Another fabulous ‘dare’ from The Daring Cardmakers as usual.
This week’s Little Extra Dare is to make a card in the style of Lynne or Gillian who have recently left the DCM Design Team.
This card is inspired by the style of the wonderful Gillian Hamilton.
Paper is 7 Gypsies (I think…!!!). It was out of a pad and the covers are missing.
The atrocious sewing is done by hand as I had no room to get out the machine.
Hand cut tag is stamped using one of my new Basic Grey stamp sets and the XOXO is from the same set. Love is a stamp from a MM set called Express It.
Chipboard circle used for the flower centre is K & Co.
I will be having a go at doing a Lynne style card later today if I get time. Not sure I am quite funky enough to imitate her fabulous style though.

Had a great morning at the shop. I did a class for some old friends from Tutbury and some new friends from Ashby and it was really lovely to catch up with the old friends and start to get to know the new ones. Thursday’s class will be the same…….a mix of old and new.

I wasn’t at work yesterday as I was suffering so badly with my leg that I would have been about as much use as a chocolate teapot…….no change there then….lol!!! (Just thought I’d get that in before anyone else did). Anyway……that meant that I hadn’t travelled the route we go to the shop since last Thursday so it was a bit of a shock to see all the flooding in the fields near the rivers we cross over on the way. I am so lucky to live on higher ground where there is no prospect of flooding. Can’t imagine what it must be like to live in fear of your house being flooded every time we get these bad storms and my heart goes out to anyone who does.

Well I have my least favourite job to do for the next hour or so……..adding inserts and packing cards. Oh I really, really hate doing it. I should really do them as I go along but that isn’t always possible. I do try not to let them build up too much though.

I broke my spending promise again today and was very, very bad. I went to work with a handbag and came back with that plus three carrier bags. I know Christmas has only just gone but I have had the Joys Of The Season cartridge for my Cricut because I know that if I order it later in the year it will be out of stock and I want to have plenty of time to have a play with it well before I need to start using it. Then I just had to have the four sets of Basic Grey stamps plus a set of HOTP stamps and while I was getting those three paper packs and three tins of chipboard fell into my basket plus a 12 x 12 storage thingy plus one or two things Deb got for me at the warehouse on Sunday and some MM embellishments. I daren’t even think how much it came to but I think I will be taking sandwiches from home for my lunch for several weeks………lol!!!

Right I’m off………night night



10 Responses to “DCM Little Extra”

  1. Fabrizio said

    Sheila ‘what do ya talk’…that stitching is superb. I thought it was a machine.

    Very curious to know which HOTP acrylic stamps you went for ???

    Fab X

  2. Judy said

    What a stunning card – hat is so fabulous!
    Love the ‘cherish’ stamp!
    Judy NZ

  3. Maisymary's Findings said

    lovely take on Gill’s style !

  4. Andrea, said

    Gorgeous card your background is fantastic

  5. EllePiggo said

    Fab card – and if you think your stitching is atrocious – I daren’t show mine!
    Vanessa. 🙂

  6. Kaz said

    Lol Sheila, I know what you mean about ‘having’ to get things when you’re meant to be not buying stash!! I also know what you mean about packing cards, so dull compared to making them. I have a pile to do!

    Love the card too by the way, thpse stamps are lovely.

  7. Juliet said

    Absolutely gorgeous Sheila!!

  8. TandaStamps said

    Hey Sheila

    Loving the new blog heading and layout. Also great cards and nice to see you’re ‘back at it’ as it were! 😀


  9. Deb said

    Love your card, I think your stitching is fabulous!

  10. Gillian :O) said

    When I grow up I want to make cards just like you Sheila 🙂

    awwwwww….how SCRUMMY is this then!
    I’ll have to go and have a look at this ‘gillians’ blog I think, boy does she have a lot to live up to now…. 😛 lol!

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