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OK…….Where Did I Put That?!!!

Posted by manicstamper on January 28, 2008

The post title may give you a clue that I have tidied my workroom…..and now I can’t find anything.
I haven’t had much artistic inspiration over the weekend as I have been a bit out of whack with myself so have spent most of the time re-organising my stuff and condensing things down a bit to make more room………well I have used four blooms and about a metre of ribbon on some cards I made last week…….lol!!!
The thing I am sooooo chuffed with is the new ribbon storage system that I have made with my BIA. I was going to make colour themed books but after making one cover I knew I would be at it for three years doing it like that so I found some thin but sturdy plastic sheets, cut them to A5 size and added slots for binding and slots down each side as guides for cutting notches for winding the ribbons and I now have the neatest ribbon storage ever. I have condensed three large baskets down to one and a half and once I have finished I am hoping that all of my ribbon will fit into one basket.
Each binder I have made has seven pages and I have done types rather than colours so have plain grosgrain, stripes, checks, florals etc. I must love spotty ribbons as they take up nearly two binders. If I can fit one in the scanner and get a half decent pic I will post one to show you.
It was lovely just to potter about and have the time to make something just for me but now I am OK again I shall be getting back to work and doing some stamping after work today.
I am just off to look at and admire my acres of clear workspace before I turn in for the night. I have two classes today so need to be on top form.
Bye for now


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