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Getting Down The Stash!!!

Posted by manicstamper on January 29, 2008

Found these papers in a 6×6 book in my stash which I can’t even remember buying….must be my age…….lol!!!
Anyway I thought I would make a start on using them up tonight when I got in from work and also use this Magenta stamp which I haven’t used for ages and is one of my favourites. I just thought it went so well with these hot tropical colours.
The background swirl is Fancy Pants.

Had a busy day at the shop with the two classes…..not even time to have lunch in between today as I was a bit naughty and over ran with the morning class. I think I got one bite out of my egg custard tart before the afternoon ladies arrived. Honestly I should have the figure of a super model….lol!!!
Another class in the morning and then Deb and I can get some prep work done for classes over the next couple of weeks. We are so organised now….it’s fab.

It’s been a bit chilly today and I don’t think I was warm from when I left the house this morning until I had my bath at 10pm…..even having a blanket wrapped around my legs and with my huge fluffy cardigan/jacket on I could still feel the spiteful draughts coming in. I will be so glad when hubby gets someone sorted out to come and do the bricking up in here.

I have to be at Deb’s a little earlier than normal in the morning as we have to nip to the PO depot to collect some parcels on the way to the shop so I am going to turn in and hopefully get some sleep tonight. I think I managed about one and a half hours last night so need to catch up.
See ya later


4 Responses to “Getting Down The Stash!!!”

  1. Fabrizio said

    Sheila those cards are WOW ! Lovely stamp is it 4 inches across ?

  2. Angelnorth said

    These look fantastic Sheila – I expecially love the orange one. what a great stamp!

  3. Fabrizio said

    Thanks Sheila for your reply, now that I like the size of the stamp…where can I buy one ? LOL

  4. Rosella said

    What beautiful cards Sheila. Love the lively colors and embellies.
    Sorry to say that I have not received the blog candy. Blame it on the post. They seem to have a mind of their own. Just a reason to keep on stalking the mailperson.

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